Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Music can makes me so fly

Music means a lot for our life. Because music someone can make a dance moves,because music someone can express her feeling,because music someone can feel relax and without music our life would be mono and hollow.some people do love rock music,or classic,or pop,or r&b ,whatever.
Ok. I'll share you what i'm listening to now,here's my playlist that i always heard lately.

1.Pink - Raise your glass
2.Avril lavigne - What the hell
3.Joe mc.Eldery - Ambitions
4.Rihanna - What's my name
5.Eminem ft.Lil wayne - No love
6.My chemical romance - New perspective
and last but not least
7.Florida ft.David guetta - Club can't handle me (god,love this song so badly)

well,that 7 song are the songs that i really love lately. What about you, guys? I wanna hear yours.

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  1. Lovely blog and pics:)

  2. thank you, love yours too