Senin, 27 Juni 2011


It's been a long since the last time i "blogged" , yep i mean real blogged because my previous post is really really really unnecessary post.
last saturday,i went to Acep's house with my classmates.jsyk,my class held a homestay program, and has decided it will be held in Acep's house.oh ya, i haven't introduce my class to you all, my class is XI science 4 or we usually call it "Incognito" don't ask me the meaning of this word because believe me or not the continuation of these words actually a quite little "maksa" that's what we called it.But whatever the name of this class, the most important thing is For god's sake i love this class soooo freaking much.

 This is my class,minus putri,maya,siti,fenny,widy,yuda,iing,aulia,vio, and danny

Back to homestay
at 16.00,we gathered near RRI building. there was at least 18 people who had gathered.After everyone had gathered,we leaved RRI to Acep's house with angkot and got there maybe at 17.00.First thing we do in there is shalat.After that, we played the games and in the night  we grilled the chicken.

playing cards, i always be the loser

Grilling the chicken,yummmy
the grilled chicken is soooo tasty.After ate the chicken,we had the class gathering.

on the class gathering,we're so sleepy actually

on the morning,we prepared for the super looong road to "lubuak tampuruang" the place with the water falls in that.Before started the journey,we took photo with acep's mother.

In front of acep's house,taking photo with acep's mom

and let the journey,begin..

After took the long road,we finally arrived and got the revenge for the === road,it's driving me nuts

 i've lost my sneakers in there,it falls down from the top of water falls.

the bridge,on the way home

well fellas,the conclusion of this trip is fascinating.can't wait for the Incognito next trip :))

Style inspiration
Polka anyone?

Senin, 20 Juni 2011


my life is like a sinking ship
as pathetic and miserable as it
maybe a little mess

when everybody busy with their purpuse of living,what about mine?
i still don't know what is my purpose of living.
hey,what do i live for? don't know what to do,nobody cares anyway.
oi who the hell are you?
hello,let me introduce my self my name is nothing,i'm zero,i'm an o,literally..
i technically live but i'm not living my life

but out-and-out
i can't hold it anymore,just-so-you-know even you don't care.

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Music can makes me so fly

Music means a lot for our life. Because music someone can make a dance moves,because music someone can express her feeling,because music someone can feel relax and without music our life would be mono and hollow.some people do love rock music,or classic,or pop,or r&b ,whatever.
Ok. I'll share you what i'm listening to now,here's my playlist that i always heard lately.

1.Pink - Raise your glass
2.Avril lavigne - What the hell
3.Joe mc.Eldery - Ambitions
4.Rihanna - What's my name
5.Eminem ft.Lil wayne - No love
6.My chemical romance - New perspective
and last but not least
7.Florida ft.David guetta - Club can't handle me (god,love this song so badly)

well,that 7 song are the songs that i really love lately. What about you, guys? I wanna hear yours.

Senin, 03 Januari 2011


And when we arrive there
What will wait us there ?

i don't know , maybe this post is the most unnecessary post that i have. but really, i like the sentences above. i quoted it from one litre of tears song .we know that we will die sooner or later and lately i always felt that i'll die just few moments.i dont want to precedes God but sure,i'm not ready to die,although sometimes my life spirit is down,just like i dont want to live my life anymore.ok.when we die or when we arrive to our final destination,what will wait us there?  you know what i mean .soon ,we will face the day of judgement.yes,i'm not ready for it,i don't know what will be waiting for me there ,whether it's hell or heaven.whether it's happiness or misery.Who knows?all i need to do is survive and just go forward.

looks like i'm desperate .well,,just ignore this post because this post is really unnecessary post.