Selasa, 30 November 2010

Peter Pan Collar

Peter pan Collar is one of 70's trends,it such a round collar.
We can mix peterpan collar with dress or skirt.Peter pan collar back again and become one of 2011 trends resolution

Senin, 29 November 2010

Awesooome Kouklitas

source : here
Kouklitas doll model like was just awesoome.the fashion designers clothes looks good in kouklitas dolls.i love playing barbie and dolls and i want one of kouklitas dolls so badly.

pastels ?

the pastel colour and velvet ,we love that

Jumat, 26 November 2010

2011 Trends

Another Trend Report in 2011 is Colour Blocking.Yeeai,bright colour+bright colour =awesome.For example yellow blouse plus bright blue jeans etc,or green plus orange.if you're fearless to mix the bright colour your style will be great.So colour your life.
photos from elle

Kamis, 25 November 2010

Peter Jenson Resort 2011

tomorrow,i'll enter physic examination,but up until now i've not touched physic book and i'm not already study yet for tomorrow,ok my brain is i write this post to refresh my mind and soul.This is about Peter Jenson resort for 2011,just like what i said,colour blocking is one of trends in 2011 and peter jenson already made collection about colour blocking.That's so colourful and fresh.

Trends 2011

i really excited to resuming about trends in 2011,one of trends in 2011 is blue jeans.yes,jeans.i love jeans,everything looks good in jeans,clothes,pants,jackets,blazer,maxi skirt,shoes or jumpsuit.we can mix jeans with everything patterns or colour,for examples we can use one of another trends to mix and match jeans,that's colour blocking,pink+jeans or yellow+jeans,that's really cool.

Rabu, 24 November 2010

Add some colour,please

Howdy,if i'm not wrong i've been told you about i love designing.Yes,i love interior designing especially vintage design,actually i love eclectic design too that's relly opposite design between vintage and eclectic design right,but i love both of it.In the picture above,we can see that there's a kitchen set eclectic design,yup that's eclectic because the colourful touch in every design ,really fresh design especially for the red one,everything looks match and there's a clean touch too in this design.The bright colour makes kithen more clear and luminous,so wanna change the colour of your kitchen ,wow that's really a good idea.
Pictures from : soderbergagentur & freshome

Selasa, 23 November 2010

I love Lanvin for H&M

photos from here
 I know it's a litlle bit late for resuming about Lanvin for H&M,but all i want to say is,Lanvin Hearts H&M was a real great and perfect collaboration, quirky Lanvin featuring Sartorial Couture H&M ,A+ for the design,the colour and everything.Oh ya,besides the collection ,i love  the brand picture of lanvin and h&m too,that's really cute.

Something ?

Who said my style is a litlle bit arty?yes,the facebook application told that my personal style is arty.I agree with that, i love arty and vintage things but above all i love simple and not complicated style.I love wearing my mother vintage wardrobe and mix it with something young,and i do love thrift store and yes,i love vintage things.

Sabtu, 20 November 2010


December,the month that always i've been waiting for.For several reason december is the most happiest month in a whole year because first,12 december is my birthday,and in 2012 it'll be fantastic,it's 12 12 12 but i don't wanna grow up fast and i think i don't want if december come quick.Second,December is a holiday month,after taking the first term we will holiday for several weeks.Talking about December,i want to share something to you about this month.

 Photos from vogue
 For December falls,this outfit is the perfect combination.oh ya,in my country especially my hometown in padang this trends had already been seen but in i dont like style trends in padang ,for example flower patterns from head to toe,that's really monotone.

But i personally think that this combination is really good,heavy sweaters is a must have in December and it'll mix with maxi skirt and doc marten shoes.

Kamis, 18 November 2010

I need some foods

I'm hungreee,first now at 4 pm and there's no food or snacks in my house .second, i found this super sweet online shop that selling this kinda cute of accessories(i think its cute enough for someone like me).ok,i think you dont catch my point.So,just lets check it out!

                                      these picture are from HERE
truthfully,when i see this picture,my stomach is getting more hungry and so do my eyes,really ,i like this kinda accessories,the shaped like foods and i'd love to wear one of them,i loved rings but remember i'm not such a feminine or girly.

                                                  i want this

I think i'll go for looking for some food before i die because of starvation.ok fellas,enjoy your day :D