Senin, 03 Januari 2011


And when we arrive there
What will wait us there ?

i don't know , maybe this post is the most unnecessary post that i have. but really, i like the sentences above. i quoted it from one litre of tears song .we know that we will die sooner or later and lately i always felt that i'll die just few moments.i dont want to precedes God but sure,i'm not ready to die,although sometimes my life spirit is down,just like i dont want to live my life anymore.ok.when we die or when we arrive to our final destination,what will wait us there?  you know what i mean .soon ,we will face the day of judgement.yes,i'm not ready for it,i don't know what will be waiting for me there ,whether it's hell or heaven.whether it's happiness or misery.Who knows?all i need to do is survive and just go forward.

looks like i'm desperate .well,,just ignore this post because this post is really unnecessary post.

2 komentar:

  1. I often wonder about the same thing but no one knows. But what matters the most is that we live our lives to the fullest as much as we can :-) xooxxoo

  2. hahaha,me too.yes you're right,no matter what we must moving forward and live our lifes to the fullest.thank's for the comment :))