Rabu, 17 November 2010

HELLO (again)

I'm back again (and again),maybe this blog is the second or the third blog that i have.Sorry for being lazy, maybe,i was such an example of lazy and stupid blogger.For the first entry,maybe i'll post some pictures of my cat.

Ok fellas,let me introduce my cat,he's a tom cat and he love sleeping.jumping,purring.I think,my cat is one of weird cat (just like his owner), his behavior doesn't like the behavior of another cat,but yes for sure,he's more cute than another cat in this world--->in my opinion.

he's asleep and god he's sooo cute.oh ya by the way,i took his picture by my sister phone,the megapixel's no too big but i think the result of this photo is not too bad,it's preety good.someday,i'll buy a DSLR for capturing picture,wish me luck.jah,see you in the next post

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