Sabtu, 20 November 2010


December,the month that always i've been waiting for.For several reason december is the most happiest month in a whole year because first,12 december is my birthday,and in 2012 it'll be fantastic,it's 12 12 12 but i don't wanna grow up fast and i think i don't want if december come quick.Second,December is a holiday month,after taking the first term we will holiday for several weeks.Talking about December,i want to share something to you about this month.

 Photos from vogue
 For December falls,this outfit is the perfect combination.oh ya,in my country especially my hometown in padang this trends had already been seen but in i dont like style trends in padang ,for example flower patterns from head to toe,that's really monotone.

But i personally think that this combination is really good,heavy sweaters is a must have in December and it'll mix with maxi skirt and doc marten shoes.

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